Create links

Within your content, you can create two types of links:

  • internal “section links” to other sections of UMass Dartmouth’s T4 site
  • external (outside UMass Dartmouth’s T4 site)

t4sectionlink.jpg Section link

  • You’ll have access to the entire university site hierarchy to make internal links—not just the section you maintain.  
  • If a page on the site is moved, the section link is automatically updated. 

Note: Links to documents (PDFs, Word) involve the media library: how to link to PDFs and other documents

t4link.jpg  External link

  • Link to other websites by entering the full URL in the pop-up box
  • Link to an email address by entering in the URL field

NOTE: Link to UMass Dartmouth's interactive campus map using an external link to:

Follow these directions for making links

1. At the CONTENT menu, select MODIFY CONTENT. Find the correct section of your site. Be sure you’re on the CONTENT tab.

2.  When the text template appears, highlight the text to be linked.

3. Select the appropriate link icon

  • the chain for an external link or email address
  • the site structure for an internal link

text editing features

4. Specify the link.

External link: enter the external URL (beginning with http). For an email link, enter Select INSERT.


Internal link:
select the appropriate section within T4. You may need to use the + button to open up the site structure so you can locate the exact section you wish to link to. If you have questions about finding a link, contact:


5. Select UPDATE to save your changes.