Add file to media library

The Media Library is located under the Content menu. As you prepare to upload images, PDFs, and Word, Powerpoint, and Excel documents:

  • be sure they are named correctly on your computer: no spaces, capital letters, or special characters. This file name becomes part of the image's or document's URL
  • know where the files are located on your computer; you'll need to "browse" to upload them to T4
  • have images properly sized for the web; see image standards

Follow these directions:

1. At the main Site Manager menu, go to CONTENT, then select MEDIA LIBRARY.


2. Locate your web site under the hierarchy on the left. Click on the + to open the hierarchy. At your site's name, use the + again to see what sub-categories and media currently exist in the library.


3. You can create sub-categories, such as PDFs or images, by scrolling over OPTIONS at the top left of the screen and selecting ADD CATEGORY. (You can also right-click on the main site name to add a sub-category.) We suggest that you create sub-categories if you have a site with many images and PDFs.

More information about organizing and naming media library files

4. Once you've found the appropriate section, select the Add Media icon on the left top. (You can also right-click on the folder name.)


5. Enter the name, description. In some cases, T4 will determine the media type automatically; in others, you must specify. Note: Do not use quotation marks when naming non-image objects such as PDFs.

6. Select the media type. Provide a description for images, because the description serves as the alternative tag or "alt tag" used by screen readers for the visually impaired. This is required for ADA compliance.

7. Select browse to find the file on your computer. (You don’t need to worry about the thumbnail, only the main image.)

8. Select ADD. The image or document is now in your Media Library.

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