Floating menu for contributors

Yellow drop arrow on site structure To access the floating menu:

  1. Go to CONTENT and select SITE STRUCTURE.
  2. When the Site Structure opens, you'll see a yellow drop-down arrow at each section.
  3. Mouse over the yellow arrow and the floating menu for that section will appear.

The floating menu looks like this:

contributor site structure drop down 

Commonly used contributor functions on the floating menu

The table below clarifies when to select commonly used functions available on the improved Content floating menu.

If you want toThen select

Add initial content to an empty section (page)

Note: The empty section itself would have already been created by a moderator.


Edit--modify--existing content

Example: Update existing section content to reflect new or additional names, dates, or events.

Note: This is the function you will likely use most often.


Preview your work before approving it


Mark a content block for deletion

Note: It will be placed in the recycle bin until the bin is emptied at the end of the business day.
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