Modify content

The first thing you’ll need to know is how to modify content.

Follow these directions:

A. Find the correct section of your site

 1. On the main menu, go to CONTENT and select SITE STRUCTURE.


 2. When the site structure opens, locate the appropriate section of your site. As necessary, use the + button at the section name to show all available sub-sections. Select the section you wish to modify. Note: Your site’s “welcome” or home page content is at the top level of the menu for that site.Yellow drop arrow on site structure

Both moderators and contributors have a floating menu within the site structure, available at the yellow down arrow.

Contributor floating menu Moderator floating menu
Floating menu for contributors Floating menu for moderators  


3. At the name of the section you wish to modify, mouse over the yellow arrow to see the floating menu and select MODIFY CONTENT.

4. The Modify Content, Select Content screen opens. Be sure you’re on the CONTENT tab.

Modify content screen

5. Locate the section or content block you want to modify, and mouse over its yellow down arrow to see the floating menu. Select MODIFY. The Modify Content, Update Details screen opens.

B. Modify the content

1. Have ready the piece of content you’d like to insert within this existing content (for example, a Word document).

2. Copy the text from the content source.

3. Paste the text into the appropriate place on your page:

pasteword.jpg Paste from Word,

pasteplaintext.jpg Paste as plain text, or

^V (control + V) for PC or command + V for Mac

The results may vary, depending on your source text—so it's worth trying more than one method.


4. Format the new content. You can use a variety of editing features.

5. Select PREVIEW to get an idea of how your changes will look when the section is published. A new tab will open with your preview page.

6. Close the PREVIEW tab (screen). Remember that after previewing, you must still save your edits.

 7. Two ways to save:

  • Select UPDATE to save your changes. The content will now be moved to the approval queue.
  • Select SAVE AS DRAFT to save your changes without moving the content to the approval queue. This is a good option if you are working on content updates in stages and don't want to move it to the approval queue yet (and have it approved and published by mistake). Remember to choose the UPDATE option when you are finally ready to approve the content (or it won't show up in the approval queue).

Save As Draft option for update.


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