Link to PDF and Word docs

This process applies to PDFs, Word documents, Powerpoint files, etc.

All images, PDFs, and Word documents are stored in a separate part of T4 called the Media Library.

1. From the CONTENT menu, select MODIFY CONTENT. Select the section to be modified within your site.

2. At the Modify Content screen, position your cursor at the place where you wish the link to the appear. You can highlight a selection of text within your content, or you can choose a blank line.

t4insert.jpg 3. Click on the INSERT MEDIA button.

4. Locate the appropriate PDF and SELECT it.

5. The name of the PDF will appear as hypertext.

Note: If you highlight text on your page, that text selection will be revised to the name of the PDF in the Media Library.

6. You may have given your PDF a name that doesn't work well on the page. To change the name of the PDF as it appears on the page, double-click on the linked text. The Media Attributes screen opens. Enter a new name for the PDF or other document. Then select UPDATE. (Setting the name here won’t change the name in the Media Library.)