Editing features

Many of the text editing features available in T4 are similar to those in Word and other content management systems.


Comments about particular features are below.

t4align.jpg  Alignment: Your site is designed for left alignment. However, when you insert new content on a page, you may need to align text to the left after pasting it from another source. Other alignment choices—such as centered text—should be avoided except in special circumstances.

The style is pre-set to “default.” There is no need to enter any other styles here.

The default for format is “paragraph.” The format drop-down menu allows you to select headings such as H2, etc. (There is no need to set an H1 here because your page’s main heading—it's "title" in the content screen—is set as H1 already.)

NOTE: If your paragraph content is not displaying correctly when you preview, you can try highlighting the text and select "paragraph" again from the format drop down menu.

t4pasteetc.jpg  Cut, copy & paste may not work across all browsers; we suggest you use the control (command on the Mac) keys instead:

  • Copy:  ^C
  • Cut: ^X
  • Paste from clipboard: ^V

t4undo.jpg  You can use the undo buttons to reverse your editing choices.

pasteplaintext.jpg  Paste as plain text strips most of your text’s formatting features; you may need to make further edits within T4.

pasteword.jpg  Paste from Word retains Word formatting such as bulleted lists and italics. Use the PREVIEW feature to review the formatting—you may need to make further revisions in the text editor. (Remember that italics should only used sparingly on the web.)

Note: Paste from Word may also allow you to paste formatted text from another web site into T4 while retaining most of the text’s format for the web (bulleted lists, etc.).

t4link.jpg  Link: Use this to make links to sites outside of the UMass Dartmouth T4 site. You’ll also use the external link button to make links to anchors on a page.

t4anchor.jpg Anchor: Allows you to manage anchors on a page.

omega.jpg  Insert custom character: Allows you to insert accented letters and other special characters.

togglefull.jpg  Toggle full-screen mode: Provides a larger screen for editing. Be sure to toggle back to the original screen to UPDATE and/or ADD. Otherwise, your work will not be saved.

t4sectionlink.jpg  Insert section link: Use this to make links to sites within the UMass Dartmouth T4 site.

t4contentlink.jpg  Insert content link: Use this to make links to a specific block of text on a page. (This will be of limited use for most contributors.)

t4insert.jpg  Insert item from media library: To add an image, PDF, or Word document to your page.  

t4spellcheck.jpg  Spell check: Be sure to check your spelling before you UPDATE or ADD a page.

Related info: Adding words to the dictionary

t4removeallformatting.jpg   Remove ALL formatting: Use with caution. This feature should only be used on an empty page, to clear all formatting before you paste contents for the new page from Word or other sources.

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