Text tips

Text under bulleted lists

Some users have noticed that if the last block of content on a page is a bulleted list, it’s impossible to escape the bulleted format to add regularly formatted (non-bulleted) text beneath the list. Inserting a "return" using the enter key keeps adding to the bullets.

The best way to avoid this problem is to add some extra "returns" or content proactively under the content before creating the bulleted list.

Dropped paragraph tags

When you preview a page, you may notice that T4 may have pushed a line or a paragraph all the way over to the left, disturbing the alignment. (There should be a small margin of white space on the left.) This typically happens to the first line of text when you’re copying from another document or when you’ve deleted some lines of text.

The best way to adjust this is to highlight the offending line or paragraph and select "paragraph" from the paragraph menu on the text editor (where you select your headings).

You can also try to use the "return" (enter key) to create a few line spaces and then back the text up using deletes.

Additionally, you can try putting the text into a Word document and do a new copy and paste.

Single spacing

To single space (what would be a <br> tag in HTML), hold down the SHIFT key and press the ENTER key. To create single spacing for text that is already double-spaced, bring the two lines together with a backspace, insert the cursor where you want the lines to break, and use SHIFT + ENTER.

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