Deleting & recycle bin

Use caution when deleting content and sections

Contributors can delete content blocks. Moderators can also delete content sections.

Once a content block or a section is marked for deletion (”inactive”)–indicated by a red bar on the site structure or an "inactive" status on the "Modify content/select section" screen–it’s moved to the recycle bin. Any sub-sections under a deleted section will also be deleted.

Do not mark main sections of your site’s menu structure for deletion without considering the consequences.

  • Other sites may have links to your content.
  • Consider whether it’s more appropriate to revise the existing content.

The recycle bin is emptied every day at the close of the business day. Once a section of content is deleted via this process, it is NOT retrievable.

Moderators: if you mark an item for deletion and then change your mind before the next emptying cycle, the item’s status can be updated.

  1. Mouse over the section on the site structure, then select MODIFY SECTION from the floating menu.
  2. Remaining on the GENERAL tab, use the Status drop-down option to change the section’s status to ACTIVE or PENDING.
Contact the web team if you have questions or concerns about your site structure—before rendering main sections inactive.