Site menus

Site menus should help web site users find the information they need. Menus should not be excessively long or complicated.

In T4, the name you specify for a section also:

  • appears on the menu
  • becomes part of the URL

A moderators specifies the name when he/she adds a new section, at the Add Section, Enter Details screen.

Add new section screen


You can also decide to hide the section from the menu by unchecking the "Show in navigation" box on this screen.

Use plain language to name your site sections; avoid in-house terms and jargon. See recommended site structures, below.

If you are concerned about a long section name becoming part of your URL, contact Web Development for help re-naming the URL. 

Menu items that are not part of your site structure

Occasionally, you may need to link to another site (either internal or external). For example, Financial Aid may have a menu link to FAFSA. This is called a link section.

You can add such links by selecting "Make this a link section" at the Add Section, Enter Details screen (see above). Enter the URL on the Details tab. If you are trying to add a link section to another UMass Dartmouth site, you may need to contact Web Development for help—since you may not have access to make the link.

NOTE: T4 does not allow you to add links to PDFs from the menu. You must create a page that holds the PDF links. We suggest that you group together a series of links to PDFs and other documents on a single page. Name the page Forms, Resources, or whatever is most appropriate.

Changing a name on the site structure

If you decide to change the name of any section in your site structure, remember that the URL will be changed when you publish this section. You must contact Web Development whenever you make such a change, because we will have to delete the older URL from the server.

To change the name: Site Structure-->Modify Section-->General tab.

Recommended site structures

College-level sites

  • Undergraduate programs
  • Graduate programs
  • Research Faculty
  • Facilities
  • Contact

Academic departments

  • Undergraduate programs
  • Graduate programs
  • Minors
  • Research
  • Faculty
  • Facilities (and/Resources)
  • Contact


  • About
  • Faculty/Staff
  • Projects & reports
  • Contact

Administrative divisions

  • About
  • Departments
  • Staff
  • Contact

Adminstrative departments/offices

  • About
  • Resources
  • Staff
  • Contact