Terminal Four, or T4, is a content management system–a web application used for creation, review, and publishing of content to web sites.

The diagram shows the paths through which the content passes before it is published.


Using T4 ensures consistent layout, design, and core navigational structure across the UMass Dartmouth web site.

T4 can be accessed from any web browser (we recommend Firefox). 


  • T4 doesn’t save data unless told to (remember to select ADD or UPDATE)
  • Avoid using the browser navigation (e.g., back/forward buttons)

Roles & responsibilities


  • adds content
  • modifies content
  • deletes content


all contributor roles above, plus: 

  • approves content
  • creates/modifies site structure 

As administrators of www.umassd.edu, the Web Development team is responsible for: 

  • managing users, styles, templates
  • assigning & creating new users
  • authorizing content to be published 

Each site within www.umassd.edu is a reflection of the university:

  • how it looks: header, footer, navigation, image
  • how it meets the needs of its audiences: students, prospective students, parents, donors, faculty, staff, etc.

We have established site standards within T4 to ensure a consistent experience for our audiences. We hope you will collaborate closely with the Web Development team as you: 

  • create new sites
  • revise the site structure of your current site
  • create specialized content on your site
  • have questions, concerns, and suggestions 

Through this collaboration, we can continue to improve the web experience for all of the university’s audiences. 

As you modify current pages and add new content, we ask that you follow basic guidelines for web writing, such as: 

  • organizing content into easy-to-read sections or “chunks”
  • using bulleted lists to improve readability
  • keeping your site’s information up-to-date and accurate
  • using T4's spell check feature

More suggestions for writing for the web