T4 templates

Most pages in the UMass Dartmouth site use the UMD General text area.

Template general text area

An example of a page using the general text area: Applying for Financial Aid

However, some sites use a special template—or a series of templates—for particular pages, for example:

If you are interested in making use of these templates, please contact: webdevelopment@umasssd.edu

While making updates, if you open a section of your site and find an unfamiliar template, we suggest that you contact the web team rather than make guesses about how that template might work.

Three column template

  • Three column template 1 of 2
  • Three column template 2 of 2

The combination of these two templates—resulting in two content blocks in a single T4 section—yields a page with a main text area and a right column that can be used for "related information," etc.

Template three column example  

When you update content for this page, there will be two different content blocks to edit: one for the main content and one for the right column. (It's important to name the right column as such, when you create it—so you'll be able to recognize it later.)

Template two content blocks

FAQ templates

T4 lets you to create FAQ (question and answer) pages that display a list of questions and allows the user to open an answer by clicking on a question.

An example of an FAQ page: Public Safety FAQs

There are two FAQ templates available:

  • UMD FAQ – Regular
  • UMD FAQ – Extension

Both templates allow you enter a maximum of 10 questions per template block.

Directions for using the FAQ templates