Timing out

Important: Remember to select UPDATE or ADD, as appropriate, before you migrate away from an open section in T4.

When you are adding or modifying content, the piece of content is currently locked to your username. No other user can access this content until your lock has expired. There are three ways this lock expires:

  • You select ADD/UPDATE
  • You click CANCEL
  • You leave your session idle (no mouse, keyboard or screen actions) for 30 minutes—when your lock expires

T4 will send a warning message when your time-out is approaching; you can then select to renew your session—if you don’t, any changes made that were not saved (via the UPDATE or ADD buttons) will be lost.

renew-content-lock message box that appears when your session is about to time-out

Please note that activity in the Media Library while you are still in an open T4 content section can still result in your being timed out. (The activity in the Media Library doesn’t register as activity within the section.)

Once you’ve timed out, the T4 screen won’t change until you attempt to continue; it then returns you to the T4 log-in screen. Log-in as you normally would; T4 will display the last active screen within the site manager, if possible. However, you may have lost unsaved changes to the content. To avoid losing your work, be sure to save regularly—via the UPDATE or ADD buttons—and log out correctly.