On the far right of the Site Structure screen, you'll find widgets with these features:

  • Search—a more prominent search box to search for section names or content block names; the default setting is to search section names
  • Last Modified Content—to view your most recently modified sections
  • Approval List—for moderators only—to view and approve content awaiting approval
  • Scheduled & Running Publishes—to view the next live publishing time (in military time)

Here's how the widgets look:

right widgets for contributors and moderators in t4 v7 training

Navigating the widgets

Revise the order of the widgets

  • Click the MOVE tool, the plus (+) symbol, in the widget's upper right corner while dragging it further up or down the column of widgets.

Delete a widget temporarily

  • Click the X in widget's upper right corner.

Restore a widget

  1. Click the round ADD button located on the top right corner of the screen.
  2. When the widget's heading bar reappears, click the MOVE tool to drag the widget further down the right column of widgets.

 Restoring a widget is shown here:

restore-move widget for t4 v7 training