Image standards

Images within content

  • Float right is the recommended placement for images embedded in the text
  • Be sure your image is aligned properly (for example: upright for vertical files) before you upload it

Larger image

horizontal: 320px (w) x 240px (h)

vertical: 240px (w) x 320px (h)

Smaller image

horizontal: 160px (w) x 120px (h)

vertical: 120px (w) x 160px (h)


horizontal: 130px (w) x 95px (h)

vertical: 95px (w) x 130px (h)

Banner-style images for pages that do NOT use the UMD home page template

(Contact if you have questions about images in the home page template.)

UMD general template

If you want to include an image that spans the width of the page, use one that’s 730 pixels wide. Choose an image that isn’t too high–you don’t want the image to overwhelm the page (no more than 175-200 pixels in height).

If you insert the image as the first item on your blank page, and then preview, its alignment may look a bit off. But once you press ENTER to add a new line (and text), the image’s alignment should adjust properly.

Three-column template

  • Main content area: 522 pixels wide
  • Right column area: 170 pixels wide

Image sizing

All images should be appropriately sized in a photo-editing program such as Photoshop before they are uploaded to T4.

How to save an image for the web using PhotoShop