How to modify a file in media library

From time to time, you may need to modify an item in the media library. A media file may be modified:

  • To update an existing item, such as PDF. You can update the file in the media library so that text links to the item are preserved.
  • To change information about the file: its name, description, media type, or the actual file associated with it.
  • To move a media file from one folder (or "category") to another within your media library.

Update media file or change its information

1. View your files in the appropriate section of the Media Library. (Use the + button to open folders and sub-folders if necessary.) You can select to view your media files in:

  • preview mode: thumbnails
  • detailed mode: a detailed list (this option is preferable for PDFs and documents)

Media library viewing modes

In preview mode, locate the media item and select ADVANCED. Then select MODIFY to make changes as necessary.

In detailed mode, locate the media item and select the MODIFY option (see below) on the right. (Or click on the file name and select MODIFY.)

Modify media

2. The Media Library screen opens. Make changes as necessary—including uploading a more up-to-date version of the file.

NOTE: Prior to uploading a new version of a file, be sure the item’s file name (on your computer) is appropriate: no caps, spaces, or special characters. 

Select UPDATE to save your changes.

It’s a good idea to test your pages to be sure that links to this modified item have been preserved.

Move media file to a different category

To move a media file to a new folder or category, follow step 1 above. When the Media Library screen opens, select the Categories tab.

Categories tab


A list of all your media categories opens (the folders and sub-folders in your media library).


media category


Select the new category for this piece of media. Then de-select its earlier category. Be sure UPDATE to save your change.

Remember: you must move media files from one folder to another one by one.

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