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 Shared folder

T4 users have access to their own Media Library folders (corresponding to the sites you maintain) and the Shared folder.

The Shared folder holds PDFs and images available for general use. 

Most importantly, the main shared folder holds the most up-to-date campus map PDF. Because the campus map PDF is regularly updated, this is the PDF you should link to, if you include a link to the campus map on your site. Your site will reference the most up-to-date map (because the web team keeps the shared map file up-to-date).

Also in the Shared folder’s sub-categories:

  • Icons: assorted social media icons and the icon to indicate "link to external site"
  • Images: images to be used in the content or right column, optimized for web viewing
  • Banners: banner images for use in home page templates

You are able to access the Shared folder only when you are working within the text editor and want to see if there is a suitable image available in "Shared."

t4insert.jpg  Click the MEDIA LIBRARY button to see what’s in the Shared folder and sub-folders.

Contributors and moderators have "read" access to the folder. "Write" access to the Shared folder is limited to the web team (to prevent the adding or deleting of unauthorized files).

If you have questions about the Shared folder or your Media Library access, please contact: webdevelopment@umassd.edu.