Site scripts and site styles

In the main category of your site’s Media Library, you’ll find two files called Site Scripts and Site Styles. These are required T4 files and SHOULD NOT BE DELETED.

Links to media files

Before you delete a file in the Media Library, be sure you know all the pages that hold links to the piece of media. Once you delete the piece of media, those links will be broken. You will need to repair any broken links.

View files by media type

You may have a number of different media files in one or more large categories. To help you find a particular file by file type, you can change the field FILTER at the top of the page. The library re-organizes itself by file type.


Adding new categories to your Media Library

If you are a moderator, you can add new sub-categories to your Media Library. If you have a number of media files (jpgs, PDFs, Word docs, etc.), it's a good idea to use sub-categories to keep your files organized.

At the main or parent category for your Media Library, right-click. Select ADD SUB-CATEGORY. There are other options available at the right-click, including delete, rename, and add a new piece of media. If you choose ADD NEW (adding a new media item), be sure you’ve right-clicked on the correct category or sub-category.


Re-organizing your files in the Media Library

  • Do you want re-organize the files stored in your Media Library?
  • Do you want to create new, more specific folders (“categories”) and move previously uploaded images or documents into those folders?

You can re-organize your files in the Media Library by using the modify function.

1. Go to the Media Library and locate the piece of media (the file, whether Word, PDF, jpg, etc.) you want to move to a different category. Click on its link.


2. Select ADVANCED on the item's preview and then MODIFY on the ADVANCED DETAILS screen.


3. At the Media Library screen, select the Categories tab.


You will see a list of Media Library categories. Scroll to the appropriate section for this piece of media.


4. The checked box indicates where the piece of media is currently stored (its category). You can uncheck that box and check the category where you would like to move the media file.

5. Select UPDATE at the bottom of the screen to save your modification.

Existing links to the moved piece of media will be updated to preserve the links.

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