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T4 training information

T4 training is available for new and returning users of T4. The sessions must be scheduled in advance.


You must have a T4 account. If you are already a T4 user, you're all set. If you don't have one, please notify Steven Splinter ASAP so your account can be set up. No trainings will be scheduled before an account has been created. Be aware the account creation may be held up if there are issues with your account in human resources.

You will also need a site to be assigned to. If you do not currently have a site to edit, or have not been assigned a site as part of your duties, please wait until you are before requesting training.

Schedule T4 training for yourself if:

  • You need to be trained in T4.
  • You are cleared to become a moderator, and need training in moderator features and responsibilities.

Other options:

  • You need help editing photos. Please contact CITS for this training.
  • You need a new site, or you need your site converted. Please consult with the Web Development team.
  • You need a form or an advanced feature. Please contact the trainer about the form or feature; if you can't be trained in it, you will be referred to someone who can help you.

When in doubt, just send an email and ask!


All sessions are one-on-one trainings. You must RSVP for these sessions in advance; drop-ins will be asked to set up a separate session. All sessions are scheduled to run for one hour, but may take less time..


Steven Splinter will be your trainer. You may email him at ssplinter@umassd.edu to set up your session or inquire about setting up an account.


Trainings are held in Steven Splinter's office, Library 415.

Scheduling a session

If you meet the requirements, please email Steven Splinter to begin setting up your account or to schedule a training session.





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