Originally an adult-education movement in the United States, "Chautauqua" comes from an ambiguous Iroquois word loosely meaning "togetherness." Here at the WRC, Chautauqua is an annual celebration of student creativity typically held in April.  Students from across campus -not limited to WRC tutors and clients- are encouraged to attend and to share their creative works; what students share can be conventional (poetry, painting, sculpting, etc.) or unorthodox (video game narratives, jewelry, etc). 



"Chautauqua is a great WRC event that let's students from all over campus come together to display their artistic talents with other students....even faculty members contributed. Several people wrote comedic short stories that had the audience in stitches while several others had us captivated by their dramatic prose and poetry. We also had a bunch of people bring in person brought in her own artwork and handcrafted metal pieces, including a Harry Potter-esque "time turner" necklace." Christopher Amaral, '14

"This year’s Chautauqua had a variety unlike anything we’ve ever had. Forget the usual poetry slam (although the poetry presented was lovely), this year we were treated to live music, dramatic readings, ludicrous short stories and beautiful artwork. The atmosphere in the room changed with each performance. During one comedic anecdote I laughed so hard that tears made my waterproof makeup run. A poem touched my friend so gently that she cried at the end. When one performer brought out the steel lap drum, we sat silent while music reverberated throughout the room.  Audience members who were initially hesitant about sharing their work drew confidence from each other." Audrey Mazzola, '15