Federal TRIO Grant Participants - Special Services

Mentor Program

Grant students are provided with mentors who can meet weekly to tutor them in their subjects, offer study skills help, and help them problem solve regarding their academic, financial and career needs.  Periodically the mentors and students attend group meetings with other participants to hear guest speakers and to socialize and share ideas.

Extra Tutoring

Directors will set up as much weekly tutoring as is considered necessary for grant clients and will hand select the tutors with whom they will work. 


Directors meet periodically with grant clients to monitor their successes and help address their needs.  In addition, students can access the directors for help at any time.

Summer Skills Workshops

Grant clients are invited to participate in skills workshops preparing them for college level work and, in some cases as with Freshman math, allowing for retesting and placement into a higher math class.

Extra Funding

Freshman and Sophomore grant clients eligible for Pell Grant money are also eligible for additional monies from our program to offset tuition and loan payments.