Zimbra Collaboration Suite

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  • Zimbra is a collaboration suite which combines email, calendar, and address books(contacts) within a single web based application 
  • Zimbra will allow synchronization email, calendar, and address books many with mobile devices and PDAs
  • Zimbra will replace WebMail by offering an improved email interface plus additional services similar to those found in Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, etc.

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Zimbra Features

  • Collaboration suite of email, calendaring, address book, task list, file sharing(with Briefcase), and secure IM or Instant Messaging. (Secure IM portion to be deployed at a later date) 
  • Ability to share email boxes, calendars, address books, and task lists with other on campus users
  • Synchronize to many mobile devices such as iPhone, Windows Mobile, Palm, and Blackberry(email synch only).
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Zimbra Supported Hardware/Software

The best client for complete functionality is the web based client using one of the browsers listed below

  • Browsers-FireFox 2.x or higher, Internet Explorer 6.x or higher, Safari 3.x or higher
  • Non Browser clients-Outlook, Thunderbird(email only, no calendaring or combined addressbook available)
  • PDAs-iPhone, Windows Mobile 6 or higher, Palm, Blackberry(email synch only)

Zimbra Training Guides and Help Documents

Zimbra Information Sheet

Zimbra Mail Manual

Zimbra Calendaring Training Guide

Connecting to the UMD Academic Calendar with Zimbra

iPhone Setup

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Setting and Removing a Vacation Message

Using the Briefcase 

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