Email update

UMass Dartmouth has migrated to Zimbra.

Zimbra is a collaboration suite that integrates:

  • email
  • calendaring
  • document sharing/storage features

Zimbra is completely web-based and can be accessed from anywhere you have Internet access.

Zimbra is our current email system. Webmail is being retired.

We invite you to migrate to Zimbra.

Please note: You will receive an email when migration is complete. The process could take from 10 minutes to an hour.

migrate to Zimbra  

Or log into Webmail


More about Zimbra

Email migration: from Webmail to Zimbra

Before you begin the conversion process, we encourage you to delete unnecessary email and empty the trash in your current email account. This will make the conversion faster and easier.

Please login at

You will use your current email login username and password.

Once you have logged in, you will see all of your email folders with check marks turned on.

Click the Migrate button at the bottom of the window to migrate your account.

Migration is complete when you receive a confirmation email. Be sure to verify that you have access to all your mail.

Your password

Protect your password

Because your UMassD Logon allows access to multiple accounts, do not give your password to anyone or type your password when someone is watching. Do not write down your password or store it in batch files, automatic login scripts, terminal function keys, or in other locations where another person might discover them. Once someone has access to your UMassD logon, they are able access your email, financials, and other personal information.

For more information about the UMassD logon:

As a reminder, you are the owner of this account. Only the owner of the account is authorized to use it and is responsible for all activities. Abuses of the system, its e-mail and other network services will not be tolerated. The University of Massachusetts policies are available on the Web at:

Please familiarize yourself with the policies that are outlined in the document Responsible/Acceptable Use of Computing Services. Please note that accessing your account constitutes agreement to the policies outlined in this document.