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First Semester - Fall 2021
Tuesday, August 312021 Convocation
Wednesday, September 12021 Academic year commences; First Day of Classes
Monday, September 62021 Labor Day - no classes
Thursday, September 92021 Last day to Add, Drop, or Audit
Thursday, October 72021 Last day to file Pass/Fail
Monday, October 112021 Columbus Day Holiday - no classes
Tuesday, October 122021 Follow Monday's class schedule
Monday, November 12021 Registration for Spring 2022 begins
Thursday, November 112021 Veterans Day Holiday - no classes
Friday, November 122021 Last day to Withdraw from a class
Wednesday, November 242021 Follow Thursday class schedule; Thanksgiving recess begins after last class
Monday, November 292021 Classes resume
Tuesday, December 72021 Last day of Fall classes
Wednesday, December 82021 Study Day
Thursday, December 92021 Final exams begin
Wednesday, December 152021 Final exams end
Saturday, December 182021 Final grades due
Winter Session 2022
Monday, December 272021 First day of Winter Session classes
Friday, January 142022 Last day/final exams of Winter Session classes
Second Semester - Spring 2022
Tuesday, January 182022 First Day of Classes
Tuesday, January 252022 Last day to Add, Drop, or Audit
Monday, February 212022 Presidents' Day Holiday: no classes
Tuesday, February 222022 Follow Monday's class schedule
Wednesday, February 232022 Last day to file Pass/Fail
Friday, March 42022 Spring recess begins (after last class or lab)
Saturday, March 52022 Spring recess begins after last class (Online & Continuing Education)
Monday, March 142022 Classes resume
Monday, April 42022 Registration for Fall 2022 begins
Friday, April 82022 Last day to Withdraw from a class
Monday, April 182022 Patriots' Day Holiday: no classes
Wednesday, April 202022 Follow Monday's class schedule
Wednesday, April 272022 Last day of Spring classes
Thursday, April 282022 Study Day
Friday, April 292022 Final exams begin
Thursday, May 52022 Final exams end
Friday, May 62022 Undergraduate & Graduate Commencement
Sunday, May 82022 Final grades due
Monday, May 92022 UMass Law Commencement Ceremonies