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Mission Statement

Our academic advising policy statement may help you further understand our role in student life. The functions of academic advising at UMass Dartmouth include:

  • Assisting students in self-understanding and self-acceptance (value clarification, understanding abilities, interest and limitations).
  • Assisting students in their consideration of life goals by relating interests, skills, abilities, and values to careers, the world of work, and the nature and purpose of higher education.
  • Assisting students in developing an educational plan consistent with life goals and objectives (alternative course action, alternate career considerations, and selection of courses).
  • Assisting students in developing decision-making skills.
  • Providing accurate information about institutional policies, procedures, resources, and programs.
  • Making referrals to other institutional or community support services.
  • Assisting students in evaluation or reevaluation of progress toward established goals and educational plans.
  • Providing information about students to the institution, college, and/or academic departments.
  • Facilitating the students' successful attainment of educational and career goals.
  • Facilitating the students' achievement of GPAs consistent with their abilities.
  • Making students aware of the wide range of services and educational opportunities that may be pertinent to their educational objectives.
  • Assisting students in exploring the possible short-and-long range consequences of their choices.
  • Assisting students in choosing educational and career objectives commensurate with their interest and abilities.

-- adapted from the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA)


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