Budgetary Planning Council

Message from Chancellor Helm

May 17, 2016

UMass Dartmouth intends to implement a budget planning and development process that is transparent, consultative, and responsive to the financial requirements and strategic priorities of the University.  The timeline for this process, developed with feedback from the campus community, was disseminated to faculty, students, and staff by the Chancellor in early May.

The process will begin in the summer of 2016 with the convening of a Budgetary Planning Council appointed by the Chancellor.  The Council will be co-chaired by the CFO and a dean, and comprised of two additional deans, one Vice Chancellor, the Provost, the President of the Faculty Senate, and two representatives of the Budget Review Board, assisted by an outside consultant.

The University Budgetary Planning Council shall assess the likely fiscal environment and challenges for the coming year, and will examine various budget methodologies (e.g. zero-based, incremental, responsibility-centered, hybrid, etc.). Having done so, the Council will recommend to the Chancellor one or more methodologies deemed appropriate for the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth to eliminate its structural deficit and to provide funding for strategic priorities. The Budgetary Planning Council will complete its work and make its recommendations to the Chancellor prior to the “campus town hall meeting” to be held early in the fall semester.


Budgetary Planning Council Members:

The chancellor-appointed Budgetary Planning Council will lead the university through a transparent and inclusive process throughout the course of developing a new budget model for UMass Dartmouth.


Robert Peck, Dean, College of Engineering

James Sheehan, Vice-Chancellor Administration & Finance; Chief Financial Officer


Paul Bacdayan, Budget Review Board

Kimberly Christopher, Dean, College of Nursing

Mohammad Karim, Provost; Executive Vice Chancellor; Chief Operating Officer

Gerry Kavanaugh, Senior Vice Chancellor Strategic Initiatives

Juli Parker, Budget Review Board

Jen Riley, Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

Doug Roscoe, President Faculty Senate


Mary Louise Nunes, Associate Vice Chancellor for Budget & Finance

Cheryl Emmett, Executive Office Director, Administration & Finance



Budgetary Planning Council Agenda June 9, 2016

Budgetary Planning Council Agenda June 30, 2016

Budgetary Planning Council Agenda July 11, 2016

Budgetary Planning Council Agenda July 20, 2016

Budgetary Planning Council Agenda August 3, 2016

Budgetary Planning Council Agenda August 18, 2016 

‌‌‌Budgetary Planning Council Agenda September 1, 2016