Staff Responsibilities/Points of Contact

Service Delivery:

The Procurement Department is dedicated to achieving excellence in providing procurement services and attaining recognition as knowledgeable and innovative professionals. We envision our role as members of an organization in which teamwork and respect are valued, and employees take pride in everything they do. We strive to provide quality "customer-oriented" procurement consulting services.

Points of Contact:

The procurement staff are divided up in two ways to provide services to the community.   

Department Assignments:

First, every campus department is assigned an individual within Procurement that is their primary point of contact for all questions. The assigned Procurement staff will assist departments with policy, procedure and introduce the appropriate Procurement colleague based on the subject matter of the inquiry. The Point of Contact should be engaged when a department is unsure of the appropriate Procurement individual to contact.   

Staff Department POC

Category/Commodity Assignments:

Procurement staff are assigned category/commodity responsibilities for the review, processing, and providing procurement related services to the University community. All questions regarding a bid process, sourcing, contract for service, requisition or purchase order, should be directed to the appropriate procurement professional based on their Category/Commodity responsibility.  If you are not sure, please contact your assigned Procurement Department Point of Contact. 

Procurement professionals are expected to be experts in University Policy & Procedures, have a high level of understanding of the industry of their category/commodity assignments and be knowledgeable of available contract vehicles.  This would include but not limited to University, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Dartmouth Campus, MHEC and other group purchasing organizations that are available to utilize in executing an acquisition.  See Category/Commodity Assignments.



Assistant Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services

Administrative & Fiscal Services
Foster Administration 215



Associate Director of Procurement

Foster Administration 214


Responsible for the day to day operation of the Procurement department

Category/ CommodityAdditional Description
Auxilary Services Kitchen Equipment, Dining Services Contracts, Beverage Pouring Rights, Snack Vending, Tent Rental, Retail Operations, Kitchen Equipment, etc.
Computers and Technology Computers & Related Technology, Software, Network Equipment, PDA's, Cell Phones, Laptops, Switches, Routers, Other


Strategic Procurement Sourcing Manager

Foster Administration 213


Category/ CommodityAdditional Description
Facilities Tools, Contract for Services, Heavy Equipment, Supplies, Services, Hazardous Waste, Janitorial Supplies, Equipment & Material, Other
Labor & Construction Solicitations & Contracts
Transportation/ Vehicles Services, Purchase, Rental & Lease of Cars, Shuttles and Buses


Administrative Assistant II

Foster Administration 213


Category/ CommodityAdditional Description
Procurement Card, Travel Card, Fuel Card Administration Processing of Applications, Training, Reporting and manages proxy assignments
Express Mail FedEx
Athletics Equipment, League Fees, Rentals, Game Officials, Facility Rentals, Other
Banquet Facility Rentals Master Contract Agreements
Guest Speakers/Lecturers/Conference Expenses  
Law Enforcement Supplies, Equipment & Services Guns, Uniforms, Technology, Services, Other
Office Supplies & Services Office Supply Vendor, Other
Office Equipment- non furniture Copiers, Printers, Fax, Multifunctional Devices, Copier Lease, Scanners, Shredders, Other Equipment, Lease Log
Printing Media and Services Printing Services, Periodicals, Books, Supplies, Services, Other


Senior Budget Analyst

Administrative & Fiscal Services
Foster Administration 220


Category/CommodityAdditional Description
Facilities Utilities
Educational, Oceanographic & Scientific Equipment, Instruments, Services, Other
Furniture Office, Dorm, Window Treatment, etc
Temporary Employment Services
Travel Contracts with third parties, liasion to travel agencies
Vessel Chartering Chartering of Fishing and Other Ocean Going Vessels


Information Systems / Finance Reporting Manager

Administrative & Fiscal Services
Foster Administration 214


Responsible for the administration of all PeopleSoft Financials modules.

Commodity/ResponsibilityAdditional Description
Provides Functional Leadership for Financial Modules BuyWays Procurement, AP, Asset Management, General Ledger, Travel and Expense, Reporting , and Summit
Lead Trainer for Financial Systems Buyways, Travel and Expense, Summit, Reporting/Budgeting
Ad Hoc Reporting Develop reports for Campus Community
Administers Budget and Reporting Trees  
Asset Management Physical Inventory and daily functional support Coordinates reconciliation efforts for campus physical inventory