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Procurement Department


September 28, 2018 - Alpha Graphics - Closing

Unfortunately, we have received a recent communication that Alpha Graphics is no longer in business. Please bear with us as we work to locate a new supplier for our business cards, stationery and related print items.  Once a new supplier relationship is in place, we will reach back out to the community and provide instructions on how to resume ordering.  This may take a week or two to accomplish. Thank you for your patience.

Business Consultants

The Administrative Services “model” is one where we seek to serve the campus community as your “business consultant.” We are here to provide services that enhance the community while simultaneously facilitating the mission and vision of the University.  Business Consultants are experienced professionals that act as the primary point of contact to the community pertaining to any questions regarding services associated with the Administrative Services organization.  

The individual Business Consultant assigned to your department should be engaged when you are not sure of the appropriate “subject matter expert” on staff to assist you with your specific needs and requirements. If it is not their core area of responsibility, they will then facilitate the engagement with the appropriate subject matter expert.   

Business Consultants have also been assigned primary Category Management Responsibilities.  This goes beyond just being assigned product or service commodity areas.  They are proficient in best business practice, industry influences, contracting, policy, sourcing and administration of sourcing events and will use such knowledge to service the campus community appropriately.  

College/Division/Department Procurement Business Consultant
Academic Resource Center Jennifer Frates
Administration & Fiscal CFO Mark Dias
Admissions Jennifer Frates
Advancement Mark Dias
Advising, supporting & Planning John Almeida
Alumni Relations John Almeida
Athletics Jennifer Frates
Budget Office John Almeida
Bursar's Office John Almeida
Campus Master Planning/Capital Projects Jennifer Frates
Campus Services Mark Dias
Career Development Center John Almeida
Center for Innovation& Entrepreneurialship Jennifer Frates
Chancellor's Office Michael LaGrassa
Charlton College of Business John Almeida
CITS Chuck Kotecki
College Now John Almeida
College of Arts and Sciences Mark Dias
College of Engineering Chuck Kotecki
College of Nursing Mark Dias
Counseling & Student Development John Almeida
CVPA Chuck Kotecki
Facilities Operations Jennifer Frates
Financial Aid John Almeida
Human Resources Mark Dias
Institutional Research John Almeida
International Student & Scholar Center John Almeida
Law School Jennifer Frates
Library John Almeida
Marketing Mark Dias
Media Relations Mark Dias
Online and Cont. Educ. John Almeida
Provost Office Michael LaGrassa
Registrar John Almeida
SMAST Mark Dias
Sponsored Program Administration Chuck Kotecki
Student Affairs John Almeida
Student Success John Almeida
Upward Bound John Almeida

Sourcing Events

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