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Transition to Unified Procurement Service Team (UPST)

The Dartmouth campus is starting the transition of its Procurement operation to the University of Massachusetts system’s UPST that has been discussed for the past year. The following Procurement Service operations have been transitioned as of October 7, 2019.  Please see the following for support and operational information.  


Procard and Travel Card

The process of obtaining and making changes to cards will not materially change. The point of contact to administer cards and the email address will be the biggest changes. Dartmouth’s point of contact and email ( to send service requests are as follows:

Deborah Fisher
Assistant Director of Procurement

Please send the complete and signed, where appropriate, form via email to This will ensure that your service request is addressed in a timely manner.  FYI, if you are looking to have a change to your limits on your Procard, please account for up to 5 business days to get the change completed, after the date the form is submitted to

All forms, including but not limited to New Card Application and Procard Change Request Forms, can be found at the following website.


Travel and Expense Reimbursement Services

Effective Date:  Monday October 7, 2019

The transition of the administration of Travel and Expense Reimbursement to the Unified Procurement Service Team (UPST - Shared Services) will occur effective Monday October 7, 2019.  The process of review and approval will not materially change. The point of contact to administer and the email address will be the biggest changes. Dartmouth’s point of contact for Travel and Expense Reimbursement Services are as follows:

Jacquiline Quinlan
Accounts Payable President’s Office

Lynne Ferrell
Director of Accounts Payable President’s Office
774 455 7545


Please be sure that your reimbursements are in accordance with the Dartmouth campus’ Travel and Expense policies. The policy and procedures can be found at the following web sites.


Requisitioning: Compliance Review and Approval to Purchase Orders

Point of Contacts
John Healey
President’s Office – Senior Dir. Enterprise procurement


Michael Rizk
President’s Office Procurement Systems Specialist


New Suppliers/Vendors & Updating Vendor Masterfile

Effective Date: October 7, 2019

Prior to creating a requisition for a vendor, the vendor must be active in the University's Vendor Database. In order to add new vendors to the database the department must obtain a UMW9 from the vendor, complete the Vendor Request Form and send to one of the following:

Fax:( 774) 455-7592


Questions, points of contact

Jenny Lozier-Fontaine
Phone: 774-455-7577

Randy Fay
Phone: 774-455-7531


Vendor information is then verified with the Internal Revenue Service and checked against a number of watch list to ensure the University can legally conduct business transactions with the vendor.

From the time a fully completed W9 and Vendor Request Form are received it normally requires 5 business days to enter them as a vendor. If incomplete information is received or if other issues arise when conducting the verification process then the process may be delayed and the timeframe is specific to each situation.

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