Team Meal Money Procedures

UMass/Dartmouth Accounts Payable

Overview: The following instructions cover the process regarding the use of Procard for Team meal money.

Objective: To discontinue meal money checks paid directly to the coaches, allow ProCards to be accepted at restaurants, and to streamline the process while enhancing control of the expenditures.   

References:   Business Expense Policy


  1. The request for meals showing the dates of team travel, number of people and amount allowed for each meal, along with a copy of the team roster is to be sent to the Asst. Director of Athletics for approval, prior to trip.
  1. Once approved the coach has the authority to use the card for meals. 
  1. Meals for the teams are to be put on the ProCard, not exceeding the amount allowed for that date and schedule.  Any overage must be paid out of pocket and will not be reimbursed. 
  1. The original itemized receipts are to be brought back to be filed with the ProCard log and activity folder within the department.
  1. Once the ProCard statement is received from the bank, a copy of the team roster, meal request and photo-copies of the receipts are sent to accounts payable for post audit of expenses.
  1. Documentation for expenditures:

    All expenditures must be accompanied by a receipt and must include:
  • date, location and description of the expenditure
  • name of the person(s)in attendance.
  • business purpose
  • approval of the expenditure through normal administrative channels