Team Travel Guidelines

Team-Travel Athletics



Overview: The following instructions cover the process regarding athletic team travel.

Objective: Having detailed guidelines for necessary paperwork to be processed when coaches and teams are in travel status.

References:    Business Expense Policy



Team Day Travel: 

No travel authorization is necessary for same day travel. The Athletic Department should maintain a blanket travel authorization with the team schedule and roster of all team players on file for liability purposes.

Team Meals

Team Meals are to be paid using the University Authorized Travel Card. Refer to Team Meal Money Procedures.

Team Overnight Instate Travel:

Requires that the coach file an on-line Travel Authorization in the Travel and Expense Module in sufficient time that approvals can be in place prior to the trip. The estimated expenses should only be for the employee (coach/staff). The travel authorization should have an attachment with the team roster. The University Authorized Travel Card can be used for meals and hotel expenses. When the authorization is brought over to the expense report upon completion of the travel, only those expenses for the coach/staff will be put onto the report. When the department re-allocates the expenses that are on the University Travel Card the expenses pertaining to the coach/staff members will be allocated to vendor account codes:

Hotel (In-state) 737200                         

Hotel (Out-of-state) 737100               

Airfare 737100

Auto Rental 767400                              

Conference Registration 737400      

Membership Dues 735010

Business Mtg/Lunch/Dinner 734210.

Expenses pertaining to team members (students) will be allocated to non-employee account code of 734241.

Team Overnight Out-of-State Travel: 

Travel Authorizations need to be completed and fully approved on-line prior to the trip. Only those expenses estimated for the employee (coach/staff) should appear on the authorization. There should be an attached team roster of all student athletes attached to the authorization. Upon completion of the trip, an expense report is done on-line and reallocation of expenses are handled the same as above.

Release Form for Student Activities

As long as student athletes are traveling with the team the University is responsible and liable for them. In the event that an athlete chooses to divert from the established team travel itinerary it will be necessary for him/her to sign a  waiver releasing the University (and its Board of Trustees, officers, employees and agents) from any and all liability, claims and actions that may arise from injury or harm for himself/herself and property in connection with their participation in this activity. See the Liability Release Sports