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University employees are subject to the States Conflict of Interest laws M.G.L. Chapter 268A which include provisions that govern the business interest that a state employee can have with a state agency. These include:

Employees shall not do business in the name of the University with companies in which they, or an immediate family member, hold a financial interest, unless disclosure of the facts of the matter and the employee's financial interest are first made to the employee’s Chancellor and the State Ethics Commission, and approved in writing by the employee's Chancellor and the State Ethics Commission (M.G.L. Chapter 268A, Sections 6 and 6A.)

A state employee may not have a financial interest, directly or indirectly, in a contract made by a state agency in which the Commonwealth or a state agency is an interested party (M.G.L. Chapter 268A, Section 7). This restriction is subject to certain qualifications. The employee should contact University legal counsel or the State Ethics Commission to discuss the employee's particular situation, before the fact.


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