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What is ProCard Reallocation?

Procard Reallocation is a process that all ProCard holders or their designated proxy are required to complete within 30 days of each purchase on their card. The process assigns each purchase to the correct account code within Peoplesoft Finance and if necessary changes the funding source that the purchase will be charged to. This transfers the purchase from a general account code to the account code that correct identifies the correct expense type i.e. air travel, conference registration, etc. and ensures that charges are applied to the correct budget for that purchase. Procard User Guide_v5 for more information on reallocation.sdf

How Do I Get Access to Reallocate?

  • Cardholders: Are granted access when they receive a ProCard by completing the User Access Security Form which grants them access to the reallocation function within Peoplsoft Finance. By default all cardholders are setup to reallocate their own ProCard transactions.
  • Proxies: Are individuals who are set up with access to reallocateProCard Transactions on other cardholdersProCards.
    • Access to the reallocation function in PeopleSoft is obtained by completing the User Access Security Form 
    • (Proxies must also attend procard training prior to being granted access as a reallocator in PeopleSoft - GO TO TRAINING REGISTRATION)
    • Procard Change Request Form requesting access for the Proxy to reallocate the ProCards of specific ProCard Holders.

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