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University policy requires that a formal bid be conducted by the Procurement Department for the acquisition of all goods and services per the following requirements:

  • Services $50,000 or higher must be formally bid through Procurement.
  • Goods $25,000 or higher must be formally bid through Procurement however the Department may request permission to conduct competitive quoting up to $50,000 on a case by case basis by contacting Procurement at


Request a Bid

The general process for a Department to request and work with Procurement to complete a formal bid (RF) are outlined below. Each bid is unique and the process and requirements to complete each bid will be tailored to meet best practices for the goods or services being acquired. 

  • (1) contact Procurement to request a formal bid (provide as much information as possible about the goods or services you are looking to acquire)
  • (2) provide detailed specifications to Procurement for the goods or services to be acquired
  • (3) work with Procurement to evaluate the technical component of bid responses
  • (4) Once the bid has been awarded to a vendor, enter a requisition into BuyWays in the format prescribed by Procurement.

Exceptions to Bidding

There are times when only a single supplier can provide a good or service due to the unique nature or requirements of the good or service. When this is the case, the Department may request an exception to bidding by completing a Non-Competitive Award Justification and submitting it to Procurement at for review and approval.


Ongoing Sourcing Events/Bids

The University utilizes two eSourcing Platforms to conduct University sourcing events. Both platforms are utilized to advertise events, post documents, post addenda and receive supplier responses. BidDocsOnline is utilized for large capital projects and Bonfire is utilized for all other sourcing events. 

Go to Bonfire

Go to BidDocsOnline

Who should I contact with Questions?

  • For questions related to registration or use of either eSourcing Platform. Suppliers should contact the customer service desk at BidDocsOnline or Bonfire.
  • For questions related to RFx requirements, submission requirements, clarifications of terms and conditions or technical documents. Suppliers should first review the applicable bid documents for the event in question, then if additional questions remain, contact the Sourcing Manager listed for that event for further clarification.

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