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Business Expense and Travel Expense Reimbursement

Upon completion of your travel, it is necessary to submit your travel expense report to Accounts Payable for processing. The University strongly recommends that travelers file their on-line travel expense report within twenty-four hours of trip completion. Travelers on extended work assignments away from campus should file monthly expense reports, at minimum.

Travelers should review the Travel Manual to ensure they follow all post travel requirements.

Refer to the Creating Expense Reports Job Aid for instructions on how to create an expense report.

Tax Implications 

To insure that reimbursements for travel do not become reportable taxable income to travelers, the following procedures are in effect:

  • Reimbursements will be made for University business expenses only.
  • Travelers must provide a statement substantiating the amount, time, use, and business purpose of expenses within a reasonable time (not to exceed 120 days) after the expenses are incurred. Original receipts must be attached to travel expense report.

Missing Receipts

If an original receipt is lost, but a photocopy is available, the photocopy will be accepted only with a written detailed explanation on the expense report detailing the reasons why the original receipt is unavailable. The explanation must be made in writing, signed by the traveler and the approving authority, and attached to the travel expense report and/or cardholder’s statement.

If an original receipt is lost and a copy is unattainable a missing receipt affidavit must be completed and signed by the traveler and the approving authority. It must include a complete explanation of the expense and the reason for the missing receipt. (The traveler is not permitted to claim more than a total of $30.00 in missing receipts per instance and/or per day)

In the event of a missing airline receipt (last page of a ticket stub), a missing receipt affidavit must be accompanied with the travel agency’s airline ticket copy. All agencies are required by the Airline Reporting Commission to keep copies of tickets issued.

  • If the traveler is unable to obtain a copy of the airline receipt, a copy of the itinerary must be included with the Missing Receipt Affidavit.
  • Record of charge and billing statement

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