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Travel Status

Per University of Massachusetts Travel Policy (Doc. T92-031, Appendix B)

Unless they are attending a local conference or retreat, employees are considered to be on travel status only if they are traveling on approved University business away from both home and the traveler’s normal campus address. For the purpose of clarifying policy for out of state, overnight travel, “away” will be defined as a distance of fifty miles. This means that an employee may be reimbursed for both lodging and meals only if the destination is fifty miles or more from either the employee’s home or assigned campus address.

When personal and business travel is combined, expenses must be clearly documented and may not exceed the lowest available cost of a direct or uninterrupted route. If the traveler uses an indirect route or interrupts travel for personal convenience, any additional expenses incurred are the sole responsibility of the traveler.

All UMass Dartmouth employees should be familiar with the Travel Manual.

Travel Requirements

For out-of-state and overnight travel, in-state and overnight travel, or any international travel, pre-approval is required.

Before you begin your Expense Reimbursement, please utilize the Expense Form Reimbursement Preparation Checklist to ensure you have all required items.  The checklist includes all required items for both Travel and Business Expense Reimbursements.

All qualifying travel requires the submission and approval of an Online Travel Authorization Request through the Peoplesoft Travel & Expense Module. Refer to the Creating Travel Authorizations Job Aid for instructions on how to create a travel authorization.  

Please refer to the Complete Travel Manual including Policies, Responsibilities and Details for more information.

Prior to travel employees should ensure that they are familiar with the Business Expense Policy and Procard Policies & Procedures.


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