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Information and instructions on how to register and book travel through Egencia and the Travel Collaborative is listed below. Egencia is best used for routine domestic travel when traveling alone in or groups of six or less and The Travel Collaborative is best used when booking international travel, travel for groups of seven or more and complex domestic travel.

First-Time Guests

In order to use either the online booking agency, Egencia, or live agent services through the Travel Collaborative, one must first register an account with the service they intend to book with using their UMass Dartmouth email address.  Your initial registration must go through a one-time authentication process which should take no longer than 24-48 hours.  It is strongly suggested that you pre-register an account with each agency well before you need to make your first travel arrangements so that you may immediately book your preferred travel the first time you shop through the managed travel program. 

Online Booking

Recommended use

  • Simple point-to-point domestic reservations
  • Hotel and car reservations
  • Amtrak reservations

Training & Job Aids

Live Agent Booking

Recommended use

  • All international travel reservations
  • Complex domestic travel reservations, defined as visits to two or more cities
  • For those who prefer personalized service

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