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How do I search for Shuttle Flights on Egencia? (the refundable fare)

  • Pick “Departing” and “Going to” cities and dates
  • Enter time frame, if known
  • Scroll to bottom and click on “Refundable flights only”
  • Click “Search”


How do I assign a travel arranger to arrange travel for me on Egencia?

  • Go into your own approved Profile and click on “My Arrangers"
  • Enter the name of the person you want as your Arranger, and click “Add”
  • Once permissions are granted, they will remain until removed.


How do I arrange travel for someone else on Egencia?

  • Go into your Profile and click on My Travelers. 
  • Enter the name of the person you for whom you are arranging Travel, and click “Add"
  • That person will receive an email notification; they will need to approve this before you can be authorized to arrange travel for them.
  • Once permissions are granted, they will remain until removed.


Am I required to use an authorized travel agent for booking a hotel stay, if the hotel is offered with a special conference pricing?

  • No, if special conference pricing is offered for the hotel, you may contact the conference/hotel directly and book your stay utilizing the special conference pricing.


How do I use a guest account on Egencia?

Travel Arrangers can utilize the Guest Account to make travel arrangements for guests visiting the University. Guests are defined as “visitors who are not employees.”   Such persons may include job candidates, consultants, speakers, athletic recruits, etc.   

Guest Accounts can also be used for spouses/significant others who are accompanying an employee on a business trip.   A personal credit card would be required in this case.  The same Guest Account can be used for more than one personal guest (travel does have to be booked separately).

Please note that while personal travel is authorized it must be paid for separately through a personal card and that all travel booked through the agency is public record regardless of whether it is a personal trip.  


How do I obtain a "Guest Account" on Egencia?


How do I book multiple users on Egencia?

  • Make sure you are set up as a Travel Arranger for each of these users. 
  • On Home page, go to “Select Multiple Users” and choose the appropriate names from list
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen. 
  • Be sure to review the names you selected
  • Click on “Arrange Travel”

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