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In order to facilitate University related travel in the most efficient and cost effective manner, while protecting travelers against the risk of loss and maintaining the necessary controls for accountability, the University is implementing a managed travel program supported by Board policy.   The benefits available to University travelers by streamlining University travel reservations through these two agencies include:

  • Leveraging the lowest available airline, hotel, auto rental, and rail service discounts utilizing one travel site/agency.  These discounts have been negotiated through a consortium of Massachusetts based academic and healthcare institutions (such as Harvard, MIT, Tufts, Mass General, Dana-Farber and Brigham & Women's Hospital to name a few) and offer significant savings opportunities to University travelers. 
  • Ensuring that University employees traveling on business internationally are aware of University sponsored programs should emergency services be required

All travelers should be familiar with the Complete Travel Manual including Policies, Responsibilities and Details prior to booking a trip as the policy contains requirements that must be fulfilled before, during and after a trip.

Authorized Travel Agencies

Go to the Booking a Trip page for links and detailed registration information for both Agencies

The University System contracts with two travel agencies (Egencia & the Travel Collabortive) as part of the UMASS Travel Program. Administrators, Staff & Faculty traveling on University Business are required to book travel through one of these agencies for the reasons specified above.


is the corporate version of Expedia which provides the ability for employees to self-register and following verification of their status as an employee to arrange air travel, ground travel and hotel booking directly through the site. The site also features an “arranger” function which allows one user to authorize another use to arrange travel on their behalf. It is also possible to arrange a guest account, managed by a regular account user, for a non-employee whose travel expenses will be paid directly by the University.  Egencia is best used for simple domestic travel with groups of 6 or less.

The Travel Collaborative

A full service travel agency which specializes in arranging travel for international trips, large groups and complex domestic travel. To register, an employee should call the UMass Dedicated Reservation Line, the employee will be matched with a travel agent who will arrange travel for them upon request.  The agency can also be reached after hours for emergencies or travel issues.


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