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Alumni Ambassadors are essential to the success of UMassD. In this volunteer role, you will be able to make a lasting impact on the entire UMassD community. As alumni, you are in a unique position to share your time and talents in multiple ways to advance the mission of the Alumni Association and the university. 

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How you can participate

There are several ways you can serve as an alumni ambassador. Choose the one that works for your schedule and interests!

Time commitment: 3-5 hours per event

When: Mid-March to May 1

Who you'll impact: Students accepted to UMassD

The goal: College admissions is very competitive and students will apply and be accepted to several institutions each year.  Our goal is to provide accepted students the opportunity to connect with alumni members of our community.  The alumni perspective is paramount and accepted students will appreciate the access to ask important questions to you.  Hopefully it will help them feel confident in selecting UMassD. 

Your role:

As an accepted student ambassador, you have a choice of how to reach out to prospective students and encourage them to enroll at UMassD:

  • Host or attend an Accepted Student Day or Reception
  • Reach out accepted students to congratulate them on their accomplishments
  • Create a video or send a note to a student to explain why you choose UMassD and how the university has prepared you for your current career
  • Participate on an alumni panel (in person or virtual) to share your experience at your respective college

Time commitment: 1-2 hours per student

When: Year-round, upon requests

Who you'll impact: Current ambitious UMassD students

The goal: Whether you can help one student or multiple, our current students are hungry to learn from your life and work experiences. This is your opportunity to assist them with career networking and exploration.

Your role:

As an career mentor, you can help students see the possibilities in their majors:

  • Share your experiences working in your field
  • Help a student identify new opportunities within their field of study
  • Expose students to real work experiences

Time commitment: 2-4 hours at each fair

When: Fall and spring

Who you'll impact: Prospective students

The goal: Our admissions team receives hundreds of college fair invites across the country. To help us have a presence at all of them, we need alumni support. Your unique position as a graduate of UMassD will have an impact of high school students and families searching for the place where they will take the next steps in their futures. 

Your role:

  • Represent UMassD at a college fair by staffing the UMassD table
  • You will be provided with everything you need to be successful in recruitment including table banners, admission material, current facts and programs, etc.
  • There will be a short virtual training to help prepare you to answer the most common questions from prospective students and families.

Time commitment: 2 hours presenting

When: Anytime

Who you'll impact: Alumni, current students, UMassD community

The goal: Do you have a particular expertise that are you are passionate about and want to share with the UMass Community? This is your opportunity! Sample topics include: career developement, resume help, networking strategies, health and wellness, overcoming challenges, developing your personal brand.

Your role:

  • Present a live webinar with a Q & A session or deliver a pre-recorded session
  • Alumni Relations staff will support youw with practice sessions and technology overviews

Time commitment: 10-15 hours per year

When: Anytime

Who you'll impact: Alumni

The goal: Do you want to continue your interest in a student club that you were involved in on campus? Do you have a professional or social activity you think other Corsairs would be interested in? Become the point person for connecting UMassD alumni around a shared interest. 

Your role:

  • Select an interest
  • Engage in peer-to-peer outreach to build membership
  • Pland and execute an event on or off campus for your group
  • Provide ideas to promote your shared interest group at other events, such as Homecoming

Time commitment: 5-7 hours per year

When: Year round

Who you'll impact: Your personal social media networks

The goal: Are you social media-savvy and want to spread the word about UMassD alumni opportunities? If you have a passion for social media and your alma mater, you can assist us with promoting news and events on your social media networks.

Your role:

  • Share content from UMassD alumni social media channels
  • Post your own content promoting UMassD alumni news and events on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn


If you have questions about how to become an alumni ambassador, please contact Josh Sylvester, director of alumni relations, at 508.999.8133 or