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Blackbaud Security Notice

One of our fundraising technology partners, Blackbaud, recently notified us that it was the victim of a data security incident. Blackbaud is an engagement and fundraising software service provider that assists UMass Dartmouth and hundreds of other educational institutions and nonprofits across the country and all over the world. The university takes the protection and proper use of all of your information very seriously.

What happened

Blackbaud recently informed us that they discovered and stopped a ransomware attack. During the incident, a backup file in 2016 of UMass Dartmouth containing some personal information was compromised. According to Blackbaud, they took steps to make certain the backup file was destroyed and not made available or further disseminated beyond the original attack. More information about the incident can be found on their website:  

What information was involved

We have determined that the compromised file in 2016 may have contained only some demographic data such as a home address, telephone number, birthdate and degree information/graduation year that are used for alumni engagement activities. Our office does not store social security numbers, credit cards, debit cards, or any banking information in our systems, therefore that information would not be in the Blackbaud environment.

What we are doing

We are sharing information about this incident and the steps that we, and Blackbaud, are taking in response. Please be assured UMass Dartmouth takes your data security seriously, and seeks to work with companies that are similarly committed to the integrity of your data.

What our service provider is doing

Blackbaud has informed us there is no reason to believe that any data was or will be misused or will be further disseminated or otherwise made available publicly. The service provider has hired a third-party team of experts to continue monitoring for any such activity, and has affirmed that it has already implemented changes to protect its system from any subsequent incidents.

The Federal Trade Commission has further guidance and resources on their website.