Arnie Talk: Dr. Nick Anguelov

"Dirty Habits: The Environmental and Societal Costs of Fashion Commerce" by Dr. Nick Anguelov.

In his talk, Dr. Nikolay Anguelov explained how misinformation in apparel advertising cleverly conceals the fact that the manufacturing of clothes is arguably now the most environmentally damaging industrial activity in the world. His presentation explained how impulse purchasing of fashion and related products proliferates our industrial psychology without us noticing it or thinking of it as a negative phenomenon. Dr. Anguelov brought together research on cross-cultural communications, fashion advertising and branding, production and supply chain management, and environmental theory to underscore the true cost of our growing consumption of affordable clothes.

Dr. Nick Anguelov completed his undergraduate studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology where he earned a double B.S. in International Trade and Advertising Communications and Marketing. After spending a number of years in the private sector engaged in international trade, he enrolled at Clemson University where he earned a Master of Public Administration, a MS in Applied Economics and Statistics, and a Ph.D. in Policy Studies with a focus on Rural and Regional Economic Development. Since joining the Department of Public Policy at UMass Dartmouth as Assistant Professor in 2013, he has published three books on globalization policies and international trade dynamics. Dr. Anguelov's research is focused on trade policy, industrial recruitment policy, and regionalization.

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