Advisory Board

 Business Advisory Board


 Message from Advisory Board Members


“BIRC brings industry and academia together in dialogue to nurture innovation and to share best practices in a way that seeks to benefit the larger community. Students have an opportunity to see first-hand the possibilities that such collaboration can create”


“The message I would give about BIRC is that the entire organization (BIRC) is here to serve and educate the business community of this area. BIRC not only help the businesses grow, but grow efficiently, in a way to aid the underlying business, the higher education community, and the community at large. BIRC serves as a platform for business innovation and innovating better ways for local businesses to conduct their activities. This will create an ecosystem where BIRC, through the CCB, local businesses and the community come together to invest and grow the local economy”


“I was the founder and CEO of Aquapoint Inc. We lost it in the economic downturn but I found a buyer and I am now an acting COO as well as focused on product to market issues. I have found BIRC to be quite interesting in the research it does and in its outreach efforts to the business community. I would like to see more of it, particularly along the lines that contribute to strategies for retention and expansion of businesses in Southeastern Massachusetts and its potential to expand the University's interests in civic engagement and economic development in the region. I would also like to see BIRC give some consideration to a process called Structured Dialogic Design and its potential as a management tool for engaging very complex business decisions”


“The competitiveness of small and medium sized enterprises is critical to the Southeastern Massachusetts economy.  A collaborative partnership with BIRC ensures access to best practices to sustain competitive advantage and create jobs.  It is my privilege to be associated with this organization"


"As a Technology Venture Company at the Advanced Technology and Manufacturing Center of the UMass Dartmouth Campus, we find BIRC to be a valuable resource for us to go to for help especially for tools and best practices that will aid us with our technology development."


“Resources to create innovation at SMEs may be limited, BIRC should continue to focus on adding real practical value for SMEs by leading/discussing towards innovative best practices. BIRC serves as a platform for encouraging sharing ideas on what new ideas have led to successes in the local area.”


“BIRC has shown itself to be growing with the community -- adapting as it grows, and increasingly developing as a model for collaborative learning linking business, government and the academic sectors. BIRC serves as a platform for identifying pressing needs of the small business operations in the south coast and offering access to smart options for capturing new opportunities”