Selected Publications

A framework for supply chain performance measurement                 

Activity-based Management in a small company: a case study 

Agile manufacturing : a taxonomy of strategic and technological imperatives 

Agile Manufacturing : enablers and an implementation framework 

Agile supply chain capabilities : Determinants of competitive objectives 

An Investigation into the application of agile manufacturing in an aerospace com 

Build-to-order supply chain management : A literature review and framework for d

 Concurrent Engineering: A competitive strategy for process industries 

 A Business model for uncertainty management 

Design of Optimal configuration for a multi-stage production system 

Determining economic inventory policies in a multi-stage just-in-time production 

E-commerce and its impact on operations management 

Enablers of total quality management implementation in manufacturing : a case st 

Enterprise information systems project implementation: A case study of ERP in Ro 

Experiences of a small to medium size enterprise in the design and implementatio

Implementation of computer-integrated manufacturing : a survey of integration an  

Implementation of EDI in Hong Kong : an empirical analysis  

Implementation of productivity improvement strategies in a small company 

Implications of organisation and human behaviour on the implementation of CIM in 

Improving the effectiveness of purchasing in a small company : a case study

Information systems in supply chain integration and management  

Information systems in supply chain integration and management 

Modelling and analysis of business process reengineering

Optimal investment and lot-sizing policies for improved productivity and quality 

Performance measurement and costing system in new enterprise 

Product development process in spanish SMEs : an empirical research 

Production capacity planning and control in Multi-stage Manufacturing 

The successful management of a small logistics company 

The Y2K problem : manufacturing inputs at risk 

Virtual supply chain management