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The Southcoast Business Innovation Laboratory (SBIL) is a joint effort of the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (formerly the Advanced Technology Manufacturing Center) and Business Innovation Research Center (BIRC) of UMass Dartmouth. SBIL is established to support business innovations taking place in the Southcoast of Massachusetts in areas such as sustainability or next generation supply chain, industrial services & value chain optimization, advanced metrics for business, sales processes, e-procurement and partnering. SBIL’s service to the Southcoast companies is based on introduction to best practices, introduction to Innovation model, creating process specific business model (using standard software), validating process & analyzing, value determination, ideation, creating model for future, laboratory test of the innovation model, validating the model & change as suggested, incorporate measures, procedures, standards & decision elements, re-test the model outputs with different scenarios, presenting innovated business practice, and finally review & evaluate.

Considering the dynamic business environment, organizations are under pressure to innovate their business processes continuously, in order to compete in the global market. A business innovation laboratory specifically focusing on integrating academic and industrial research would directly benefit the companies located in the area. The Southcoast of Massachusetts houses diversified companies that include core manufacturing companies, marine technology companies, and oil/gas and software companies. This identifiable diversity in the area provides a challenging environment for the innovation laboratory, to design and improve the flexibility and agility of the business process.

To help the industries in the Southcoast, SBIL will design its applied research activities that facilitate the industries to enhance their competitiveness and in turn to have an accelerated economic growth in the region. The BIRC and CIE (formerly ATMC) as an integral part of SBIL will continue to work with the mission to help business create value for customers and stake holders by improving their performance through research, innovation and applications.