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UMass Dartmouth Charlton College of Business- Business Innovation Research Center (BIRC) wants to facilitate building a learning culture through organizational learning and corporate programs development for businesses.          

Corporate Education and Training:

  • Helps develop competencies in skills relevant to industry
  • Provides change management and technical communication solutions
  • Provides insights and best practices that drive business growth
  • Drives learners toward competencies needed in small/medium business, state  and federal government agencies, and municipalities


Charlton College of Business-Business Innovations and Research Center (BIRC) Corporate Programs Development Partnerships Department, upon assessing your unique needs, would be poised to deliver the following:      

  • Corporate Service Projects- Faculty-led student-run teams/service learning projects
  • Corporate Executive Education- Certificates and bundled courses
  • Faculty Consultancy for business efficiencies
  • Corporate Retreat Presentations by CCB-Business Faculty
  • Employee Development Training- customize curriculum, to offer effective training specific to needed business skills, such as IT,  Business Analytics and Data Mining, Leadership and Management Training, Compliance, Project and Process Management, Supply Chain Management & Logistics, Customer Service, Sales, and Finance, Motivational employee education and professional coaching


Business Community can engage with UMass Dartmouth Charlton College of Business.

Join our BIRC-Talks- a platform for sharing innovative business and education ideas and concepts that would impact the South coast region; for example:

  • YouTube/Pod Cast-threads on industry topics and innovation
  • Business Faculty Research Topics Presentations
  • Employer On-campus seminars/workshops on best practices in respective industries you wish to present to our students or faculty
  • Serve on Panel Discussions and industry forums
  • Offer internships for our business students


To learn more about collaborating with the UMass Dartmouth Charlton College of Business –Business Innovation Research Center for services delivery or active engagement with prospective talent and expert faculty, please call or email Anthony M. Baird, Director, Corporate Programs Development at 508-999-8778 (office), 508-954-7025(cell), or



Business Innovation Research Centre presents Certified Workshops on


                 Date      Time        Place                                                 Title

March, 2014     



Six-Sigma Quality: Managerial Breakthrough Strategy and Methodology




Project Management


For Further Information &  Registration on the above mentioned workshop contact Ms. Juma Miller ( X8862