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Reservable Spaces

View images of reservable spaces including—but not limited to—the Main Auditorium, CVPA Recital Hall, Woodland Commons, and the Campus Center. 

Event in the Main Auditorium (below, left and right)
Events in the Main Auditorium (below, left) and Claire T. Carney Library (below, right)
library dedication inauguration week
Event in the Claire T. Carney Library Grand Reading Room (below, left and right)
inauguration week event in library grand reading room inauguration week event in library grand reading room top view
Beverage station (below, left) and formal under-the-tent dinner tables at an outdoor event (below, right)
beverages at outdoor event Chancellor MacCormick event
Dark (below, left) and light (below, right) dinner tables at Woodland Commons
dark table set-up at dinner event in woodland commons honorary dinner in woodland commons
An outdoor festival (below, left) and a Campus Center buffet (below, right)
Freedom Fest 2010 stage and crowd buffet by catering services
CVPA Recital Hall (below, left) and Law School event (below, right)
CVPA recital hall Attorney General Holder at the Law School
Dance party (below, left) and meet-and-greet (below, right) at Woodland Commons
Dance Party at Woodland Commons Martin Luther King Jr. Event at Woodland Commons
University Club (below, left) and an event at Campus Center food court (below, right)
Campus Center classroom (below, far left) and Woodland Commons conference rooms (below, center and right)