Four-Year Career Plan

Freshman Year

  • Schedule an appointment for career advisement with the CDC - 508.999.8658
  • Explore the career resources available on our site
  • Check out your profile and explore the online job and internship opportunities available via UMassD's CareerLInk
  • Access career assessment program TypeFocus (site password: umd334) and schedule an appointment to review your results
  • Attend one or more of the career fairs on campus to meet with employers
  • Explore a significant work, service or travel experience for the summer between your freshman and sophomore year
  • Connect part-time on-campus/off-campus work experience with career goals
  • Attend your classes regularly; earn the best grades possible; develop positive working relationships with both faculty and classmates

Sophomore Year

  • Continue to explore the career resources available on our site
  • Access Big Interview and start practicing your interview skills
  • Explore the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook and the Occupational Information Network (O*NET) for information on the field of study you have chosen
  • Explore "What Can I Do With This Major?"
  • Attend career development workshops and ask about job-searching techniques
  • Further explore academic majors, particularly students with Liberal Arts Undeclared major
  • Attend career panel discussions, career fairs and informational sessions
  • Explore internship, community service, and study abroad opportunities
  • Plan and apply for summer employment/Job Location & Development (JLD)
  • Schedule a “mock interview” with a Career Counselor
  • Join a campus club or professional organization and learn new skills
  • Continue to connect part-time on-campus/off-campus work experience with career goals

Junior Year

  • Meet with a Career Counselor to update resume and career plans
  • Begin exploring career options and job-searching techniques
  • Attend resume writing, interviewing and job-search workshops
  • Participate in CDC’s Employer On-Campus recruitment opportunities
  • Update and create resumes and cover letters through UMassD's CareerLink, utilizing Resume Builder
  • Begin searching for internship and professional opportunities via search engines
  • Attend professional networking seminars. Build your profile on LinkedIn and network with UMassD alumni
  • Plan summer internships, study abroad or summer employment
  • Continue to connect part-time on-campus/off-campus work experience with career goals

Senior Year

  • Meet with a Career Counselor to update your resume with internship/work experiences, to review your career plans, and to explore your career options
  • Meet with UMD's Graduate Studies and Admissions Office to discuss your interests and UMD's applicable graduate programs
  • Complete graduate school applications, essays and examinations
  • Attend senior orientation sessions offered by CDC or senior class
  • Complete cover letters, resume(s), references and thank-you letters
  • Go to the spring Career Expo and the many career fairs throughout the year
  • Sign up and prepare for On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) via UMassD's CareerLink
  • Begin independent job search
  • Continue to obtain career-related internship/work experience
  • Practice and understand networking techniques
  • Learn how to effectively research companies
  • Plan for graduation and beyond