CDC - TypeFocus ImageThe Career Development Center has subscribed to TypeFocus, a career assessment evaluation tool. This program assesses personality type and generates customized reports, which help people understand themselves better so they can choose more effective career strategies. Each user sets up his/her own username and password, which guarantees confidentiality.

  • Start at Typefocus.com - click on the "New Users Start Here" link.
  • Enter the UMD Password: umd334 (UMass Students Only). Contact Colleen M. Wetterland at 508-999-8659 or CWetterland@umassd.edu if you have any questions.
  • Make up your own username and password. Hint: you need to complete ALL fields.
  • Scroll to the bottom of that page and click "submit."
  • Click the drop down arrow next to “Self Assessments” on the left and choose “Personality” to begin.
  • Complete the questionnaire.
  • After you answer the last question, you will be given a four-letter personality code. Write it down and remember it. Click the buttons now appearing on the left under “Personality” to examine further detail regarding your personality profile.
  • You will be given option to print a report on each of these pages.
  • Remember your TypeFocus password so you can return to the site and take the other assessments offered: Interests, Values and Success Factors; and explore the other career resources available.

Remember that private, individual career counseling is available at the Career Development Center. Make an appointment by calling 508-999-8658 to meet with a Career Counselor and discuss your personality assessment and how it might effect your choice of major and career path.