Limitations, Scheduling & Employer Liability

Employer Contributions

The contribution paid by the employer at the end of the academic year is 25% of the student’s total gross Federal Work-Study (FWS) earnings at the organization.

Employer Liability and Tracking Students’ Maximum Earnings

Employers must not allow students to earn more than half of their annual Work–Study award in the fall, saving at least half to be earned in the spring. Once a student has earned his/her annual Work-Study award in its entirety, the student will no longer be able to be employed through the CSLP program.

It is the responsibility of the CSLP employer to keep track of the student worker’s remaining FWS balances throughout the academic year.  If an employer permits a student to earn more than the total amount of her/his annual FWS award during the academic year, or more than half of his/her annual award in the fall semester, the employer will be held liable for 100% of the excess earnings. Employers are encouraged to utilize the Federal Work-Study Tracking Sheet to assist them with tracking their students' earnings.

Scheduling Limitations-Maximum hours to be worked

Students hired through the CSLP program are permitted to work no more than 8 hours per day or 20 hours per week and are not eligible for overtime, weekend bonus pay or holiday pay. Students are permitted to work while classes are in session in the fall and spring semesters only. There are no exceptions. Employers who do not adhere to this and all policies may be held liable for 100% of student earnings in excess of these limitations, and continued participation in the program may be evaluated.

Calculating Hours to be Worked

In order to accurately calculate the number of hours your student employee should work per week, you will need to determine how many weeks s/he will be working and perform the approprate calculation. Provided that you've received notice that your student employee has been entered into the payroll system, s/he will be generally permitted to work while classes are in session (not during final exams). For assistance determining the total weeks to be worked, please refer to the academic calendar.