Hiring and Payroll Procedures and Policies

Corsair Jobs-Posting Jobs and Hiring Students

Beginning in the spring of 2016, employers will post positions and hire students via UMass Dartmouth's new student employment system, Corsair Jobs. Please note that access to this system will not be approved until your organization has an approved CSLP contact on file for the academic year. Only supervisors whose signatures are on the contract will be given access.

Via Corsair Jobs, you'll be able to:

  • Create an account and log in
  • Post a job and receive resume applications or inquiries‌
  • Hire a Student ("Report a hire" to begin the process of entering the student into payroll so s/he can begin working-no more paperwork!)
  • "Close a job" (inactivate the position once your hiring cycle is complete)
  • Copy a job you previously posted to easily post a new one. This can be very useful when re-posting a previous position in a later academic year.

Determining Hourly Wage

The hourly wage should depend upon the skills needed to perform the position and the level of supervision that will be required. All students must be paid at least minimum wage.

When can a student begin working?

"Reporting a Hire" in Corsair Jobs will initiate the payroll registration process; however, students are not permitted to begin working until the employer receives a notice that they have been entered into the payroll system and can begin working. There are no exceptions. At the beginning of the semester, this will typically take a week or two.

Do not let student employees begin work before you receive authorization from the Payroll department. The student is not eligible to work under the CSLP program until payroll enrollment is complete.

Changes to Wage/Employment Status

Please contact the Career Development Center if you need to make any changes to a student employee’s hourly wage or employment status. CSLP employers are required to adhere to all University policies and procedures regarding such changes. The Career Development Center can advise and assist you with:

Payroll Procedures-Weekly Time Sheets

CSLP student workers will be granted access to the University’s HR Direct system. It will be the student’s responsibility to enter her/his hours each week into the system. In order to verify that the information the student enters is correct, the Career Development Center requires that the CSLP employer fax or email (508.999.8927 or cdcinfo@umassd.edu) a completed CSLP CSLP Time Sheet to the CDC. In cases where the hours entered by the student do not correspond to the hours submitted via a time sheet by the employer, the employer’s time sheet will be considered the authority.

In order for student workers to be paid in a timely manner, time sheets must be faxed by the supervisor AND hours must be entered by the student no later than noon on Friday of the work weeked each week.