CSLP Terminations

CSLP employers must adhere to UMass Dartmouth policies and procedures regarding the termination of a CSLP student, and must contact the Career Development Center when a termination is pending or being considered. There are three types of employment termination: voluntary, temporary release, and involuntary:

Voluntary Termination: A voluntary termination is usually initiated by the student, and the student is requested to give his/her supervisor two weeks’ notice.

Temporary Release: A student employee must act in a professional manner, particularly concerning confidentiality of university and student records as well as information  that comes to the student by virtue of his/her work. A student employee may be temporarily released from his/her position for breach of confidentiality, theft of equipment or personal property, gross insubordination, or any other acts of gross misconduct deemed detrimental to the operation of the employing department.

Employers who temporarily release an employee are required to notify Student Employment and to follow either (a) or (b) below:

a. In instances of gross insubordination, inform the employee in writing that s/he is being released. Student Employment will review the temporary release and determine the appropriateness of converting the release to an involuntary termination.

b. In the event that the misconduct constitutes a violation of community standards or policies published in the Code of Student Conduct, file a complaint with the office of Student Life for possible referral to the Student Judicial System. The temporary release will automatically become an involuntary termination.

Involuntary Termination: An involuntary termination is initiated by the employer due to an employee’s unsatisfactory performance in her/his position due to an employee inability to comply with university and/or office rules and regulations.

Employers who terminate employees for just cause are required to:

a. Give the employee a verbal warning documented with a memo to the Career Development Center.

b. Give the employee a second warning in writing with a copy to the Career Development Center.

c. Give the employee a termination note with a copy to the Career Development Center. A student involuntarily terminated will receive consideration for jobs only after all aided and non-aided students have been placed.

If you have any questions or concerns at any time, please contact the Career Development Center at 508.999.8658.